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Monthly Archive: August 2018

Benefits of Online Payment Platforms

One of the best discovery so far is electronic payments. Online payment gateways allow for cashless payments. They benefit individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations and small businesses. Today, a person can buy goods from any point across the globe and have it at the required time. There are several advantages of online payments as exhibited in the BlueSnap Review below. They save time, enhance business growth and the transaction costs are minimal.

Saving Time

Online payment gateways are accessible at any time, whether day or night. In the past, a person had to write checks or organize physical transfers for the money. Queuing in the bank was also a common practice that people hated. This led to wastage of a lot of time. Today, a person only needs to click a few buttons, and the recipient receives their money immediately. This mode of payment promotes convenience.

Enhancing Business Growth

Online forms …